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These creatures are the product of today's society, a society based on the production of disposable items,objects that most often reach the seas and oceans of the planet. I imagine that most of those reading this text are aware of the fact that marine life is diminishing daily because of the existence of these huge garbage patches.
I believe that personal involvement is really needed in this issue, which unites us as a species in the development of technologies and products that last longer than the disposables; and which is less damaging to the environment.

I like to think that everyone's daily effort is somehow contributing to awareness, information and not ultimately changing people’s behavior and vision about the environment.

The sculptures are made of mostly recovered materials - wood, plastic straw, plastic glasses, plastic mesh, plastic buckle lids, micro-plastic -and the chosen shapes are imagined and range from marine creatures to extraterrestrial shapes. These man-made creatures have come to be at the forefront of the food chain for several decades - this should make us ask serious questions about everyone’s impact on our daily lives.

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